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So appearantly my mom doesn't want me to have a job...

2008-02-15 19:46:05 by IPoopedInYourMailbox

My mom had been hounding me about getting a job. The other day I finally got one and I was supposed to start today at 10AM. My mom knows my alarm clock is a piece of shit so I asked her to wake me up until I bought a new one with my first check. I woke up this morning at about 11:00 to the sound of her vacuuming. I yelled "MOM! Is it really 11?" She came in acting all surprised and said "I thought you left already." I said "What the fuck", got up and called my boss. I got fired. :(

What a bitch...


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2008-02-17 18:13:53

Well that sucks. D:


2008-02-18 23:15:40

Chop off her arm. It seems like an equivilent punishment.

IPoopedInYourMailbox responds:

I think she felt bad about it, so she gave me about $70 over the week for doing "chores"

Cutting up a hot tub with a saw, washing dishes and watching my baby nephew for a few hours.