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Don't reply.

2008-03-12 20:55:04 by IPoopedInYourMailbox

Seriously... Stop replying to this. It's old as shit.

Juggalos on Newgrounds.

2008-02-25 15:04:39 by IPoopedInYourMailbox

Here's what I'm gonna do. I'm not gonna look in the "Jugalos Hangout" club, but when I see a Juggalo post on Ng, I'm going to put their name here. Post at will...

Elios (I saw your poster and hat, buddy.)
DarkLotusJuggalo (Kind of easy)
killer-juggalo (He hasn't really posted since before I signed up, but I've seena couple of his posts) :)

List will go on, I promise (Not really, but it probably will)

My mom had been hounding me about getting a job. The other day I finally got one and I was supposed to start today at 10AM. My mom knows my alarm clock is a piece of shit so I asked her to wake me up until I bought a new one with my first check. I woke up this morning at about 11:00 to the sound of her vacuuming. I yelled "MOM! Is it really 11?" She came in acting all surprised and said "I thought you left already." I said "What the fuck", got up and called my boss. I got fired. :(

What a bitch...

And you know how to use the World Editor... and like DotA-like maps, hit me up. I'm working on a map called "Prophecy of the Last Eclipse" Visit the forum if you would like to help. There you can find the story, give your ideas and, if you're an Admin (Which you might just be if you join and actually contribute to the production of the map) you can download the map and add things yourself. If you're interested, sign up for the forum and start postin'.

Or do you not have the testicular fortitude?

HA! You fucking wish.